Explanation of a song

Ch1[Core mix]

Vocal track is not yet inserted.

3lighthouse[Mom mix]

Imaging Hard MIX.

3lighthouse[winter mix]

This is MIX which imagined winter.

3lighthouse[moal mix]

The music is first dream dance.


The music that imaged a feeling of opening

Retun any

This music is the music that I used on live broadcasting of a school festival


It is going to be used for planned game "KAZE NO SYOZYO" shown in "CSL"

Natu no tugi ha AKI!

It is a meaning that "next of summer is autumn" in Japanese

I was GLAD

Introduction is the music that is a Rock flavor. But it changes suddenly

She got rid of me

It is to have been already over. Please do not pursue it


I@don't Know.('o')///


Sound quality more extremely than a conventional version improves.

strong light

It is a SIVER TORANCE flavor

does not disappear

The human being who lost hope cannot live

MC moned

It is music bright unusually comparatively

Gentle & grand

The music that is fast tempo


I pursued how tired a drummer was

Tears of cat@

NO NO!!! Cat is the animal which must not have mercy

Gentle & grand ber acoustic guitar

Flute and acoustic guitar keep exquisite balance

Rabies ver cat side@

Certain town is an infection state

Strange love@

This word becomes a joke in Japanese

Fire Brusu@

"FIRE" is serialized now


This is "FIRE" of Japanese-style arrangement

cat lies hidden

What is it? This

memory of now far-off summer

I'm sorry. I like one of winter